Getting It Together

Nonprofits positively impact our society. Charmaine Torma Consulting LLC (CTC) is committed to helping these organizations advance their missions. Sadly, the vast majority of these nonprofits are unwittingly sabotaging their efforts to do good. When it comes to the administrative side of running a nonprofit, these organizations need to Get. It. Together.

Nonprofit professionals often don’t think administrative tasks are as important as the work that directly impacts the mission. They’re usually hyper-focused on the programming and shy away from the administrative tasks such as marketing, communications, fund development, and even constituent engagement. The thing is, without this work, the nonprofit cannot exist.

Our Customized Services

CTC partners with nonprofits to provide customized services to help them Get It Together (GIT). We offer services in strategic planning, fundraising, and training and development. 

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The best way to advance your organization’s mission, is to incorporate strategy with innovation. Contact us so that we can help you create your nonprofit’s unique and customized road map. Contact Us Today