Getting Your Not-for-Profit Together

Are You Sabotaging Your Mission?

Not-for-profit organizations (NFP) positively impact our society. For twenty years, Charmaine Torma, founder of Charmaine Torma Consulting LLC (CTC), has committed her life to helping these organizations advance their missions. Sadly, the vast majority of NFP are unwittingly sabotaging their efforts to do good. First, they’re missing the boat when it comes to governance. Second, they aren’t investing the time and resources when it comes to administration. NFP need to Get. It. Together. (GIT) especially when it comes to governance and administration.

It’s About Our Programs and Services, Right?

NFP staff often don’t think administrative tasks are as important as the work that directly impacts the mission. Most staff are usually hyper-focused on programs and services. They don’t make time for the necessary administrative tasks such as marketing, communications, fund development, and even constituent engagement. The thing is, without this administrative work, your organization cannot exist.

No, It’s Not Just About Programs!

Think about it. You need to have a brand for your organization, and it needs to be distinguishable from other agencies doing similar work. To keep your stakeholders engaged, you need to communicate with them regularly. It’s necessary for them to hear about the good works you are doing to better the community. Since earned income isn’t enough to sustain the work that you do, you have to actively secure individuals to invest philanthropically in your NFP.

Don’t Forget about Governance

However, to achieve any of this you need effective governance of your NFP. Your organization and the communities you serve will suffer if you have bad governance. Strong governance starts with the right board members who are engaged in your mission. These are individuals who are your strongest ambassadors, benefactors, and campaigners.

Making a Real Impact

If you want your organization to truly make an impact, your organization needs to Get. It. Together (GIT). NFP need to GIT with their board members. This starts from the moment you recruit a new board member. You need to GIT when you hire staff. Invest in your staff and provide ongoing education and professional development. You need to GIT as you plan on how to engage each of your stakeholders. You need to GIT as you develop your cultivation and solicitation strategies to secure donors.

A Blog That Cuts Through the B.S.

You’re busy making a difference. Our blog, cuts through the B.S. to help your NFP to Get. It. Together (GIT). Weekly articles will provide you with insights and resources on the many ways to GIT for your organization.  Follow our blog today!

Our Customized Service

CTC partners with you to provide customized services to help your not-for-profit Get. It. Together. (#NFPgit) For each and every client, we incorporate strategy and innovation to help them GITOur comprehensive services include consulting on: 

         Strategic Planning                                  Fundraising                           Training & Development


Get Started On Your Road Map Today!

The best way to advance your organization’s mission is to make sure you GIT. When you incorporate strategy and innovation into your governance and administration, you will find that you will make a stronger impact. Contact us today so that CTC can help you create your NFP’s unique and customized road map to success.