Growing Your Network of Peers and Mentors

I truly believe in the necessity of having a strong network of peers and mentors. It is important to have a group of peers whom you trust to bounce off ideas, vent, and to share victories. It is also important to have a strong network of mentors, individuals who are willing to share their expertise and be one of your go-to advisers, helping you to learn, grow, and excel. A trusted mentor will act as a sounding board who will challenge your way of thinking.

I am fortunate enough to have a small but mighty network of peers. One group is through my Mastermind Group of Female Entrepreneurs and the second is my Squad of Female Fundraisers. Sadly, I am truly lacking a network of mentors (I have one). That being said, I think things have turned around after this week.

This past week, I attended a two-day meeting where our Committee was tasked with shaping the leadership and direction of the American Fundraising Professionals (AFP) through the selection of the Board of Directors. The committee was comprised of dedicated fundraising professionals from all over the world. I was overwhelmed by their commitment to their organization, their local chapter, and to the larger AFP organization.

In the brief two days that I spent with these individuals, I became re-energized in my work as a nonprofit professional and committed to promoting the fundraising profession. I will cherish my time with this group and am happy that through this volunteer committee, I was able to grow my network of peers and mentors.

Make sure you take time to grow your network!

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