Many nonprofit organizations struggle with the concept of marketing themselves and their missions. With our assistance we will help you create a purpose-driven marketing strategy that will allow you to meet your audiences where they are, physically and mentally, while staying true to your mission and on what you. We utilize a 7 step collaborative approach to improve your messaging and create your plan:

  1. Perform an Organizational Assessment:  In order to create a strong plan we need to assess the current state of marketing at your organization and to understand what is happening, what isn’t, and how’s its working (or not).
  2. Determine your goals: What is it that you want to see happen with your marketing endeavors? Increased donors? Brand recognition? We will help you identify those goals.
  3. Outline specific and targeted strategies and tactics to achieve your goals
  4. Understand your organization’s unique value: What makes your nonprofit one-of-a-kind?
  5. Craft your message: Draft messages that are targeted to your specific marketing personas (audiences)
  6. Identify tools to get your message out: There is a long laundry list of adapted media that you can use
  7. Set your budget, timeline, and resources: It is necessary to make sure you have outlined how financial and staff resources will be used to achieve the budget, as well as drafting a marketing calendar.
  8. Identify how you will measure success