A big step towards your not-for-profit (NFP) getting it together (GIT) is to conduct an organizational audit. This is an independent and objective activity designed to collect data that helps you evaluate and improve your operations. This systematic and disciplined assessment will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make better progress in advancing your mission. 

Since an audit needs to be objective, it’s best to bring in an outsider to facilitate the process. 

CTC believes that an organizational audit is comprised of five components:

  • Needs Assessment: We take a deep dive into understanding why your organization exists. More specifically, we look at the problem or need that you are addressing. 
  • Program(s) Assessment: This stage evaluates each program. First, we look at how the program helps you fulfill your mission. Then, we look at the program’s impact and how it compares to your peer organizations. 
  • Financial Analysis: Financial analysis makes sure that your organization is financially stable. We look at your various revenue streams, earned versus philanthropic, and make sure that the NFP has a diversified funding stream. In addition, the financial analysis will ensure that expenses are balanced – no excessive spending, but also not so frugal that the mission suffers. 
  • Organizational Capacities: By surveying various stakeholders, we are able to better understand your NFP’s capacity – your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission through strong governance, sound management, and a persistent dedication to assessing and achieving results related to the vision.
  • Leadership Assessment: Finally, we evaluate leadership, both the board and the institutional leader. 

If you’re ready to get it together and understand where your organization is at, please contact CTC to see how we can help you evaluate your organization.