Even though your organization is a not-for-profit (NFP), it is also an entity that needs to be fiscally sound. The best way for your NFP to get it together (#NFPgit) financially is to cultivate a robust philanthropic culture embraced by an engaged community committed to your organization’s mission and sustainability. 

Cultivating a philanthropic culture isn’t difficult, but many NFPs don’t know where to start. Some think that it is only the responsibility of development staff, and others think that the board should handle the lion’s share. However, every single person working and volunteering for the organization is responsible for cultivating a culture of philanthropy within your organization. 

CTC offers various philanthropic consulting services depending on the needs of your organization and team members. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Campaign Counsel

Successful campaigns require coordination and cooperation from internal stakeholders with a predetermined timeline and a deadline for completion. CTC has a proven track record in assisting NFPs to reach their campaign goals. 

40-Week Major Gifts Cultivation Program

Our major gift training is customized for your organization and team, and will provide you with a strong foundation for cultivating a philanthropic culture. This program will include the development of systems and procedures for a long-term, productive major gift effort that will deliver measurable results and directly improve your organization’s philanthropic revenue.

Together, we will:

  • Build the development team based on individual strengths and organizational need
  • Train board volunteers on the A,B,Cs of fundraising as a board member
  • Create a rated, qualified major gift prospect list
  • Draft a list of commemorative giving opportunities
  • Develop a case for support for the organization and the need for each fundraising opportunity
  • Set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals for major gift revenue
  • Create cultivation and solicitation plans for the top fifty prospects 
  • Solicit major gifts from your low-hanging major gift donors

Eight-Week Philanthropic Training for New Philanthropic Officers

This program is designed for the new major gift officer and provides the framework on how a vibrant major gifts program fits into your organization’s larger philanthropic program. 

Weekly sessions will cover:

  • How to think about major gifts
  • Being an effective Major Gift Officer
  • Treating donors as investors and understanding donor motivation
  • Understanding your Case for Support (the reasons why your prospects should invest)
  • Partnering with your organization’s programs and services (Mission in ACTION)
  • Managing the right portfolio to achieve goals
  • Qualifying prospects and creating your donor strategy
  • The mechanics of the ask and creating a major gift proposal

Individual Philanthropic Coaching  

A customized coaching program specifically created for the individual.