Continuing education, trainings, and retreats can be boring and a time-suck. However, without training and development, your not-for-profit won’t be able to Get. It. Together (#NFPgit) to fulfill your mission. CTC utilizes acting techniques with improvisation methods to make learning fun and accessible. 

CTC can help train and develop your staff, board of directors, and volunteers to improve their communication, collaboration, and philanthropic skills. CTC can help you strengthen your organization’s philanthropic culture through retreat and workshop facilitation. 

Contact CTC to facilitate your next retreat or workshop. Below is a sample list of our trainings that will help you and your NFP Get. It. Together. (#NFPgit). 

Board Governance

  • Building a Constructive Partnership between the Governing Board and Your Institutional Leader
  • Cultivating a Positive Board-Staff Relationship
  • Empower & Inspire Your Board Through Ongoing Development
  • Recruiting the Right Board Members for Your Organization
  • The A, B, Cs of Fundraising for Governing Board Members

Retreat Topics

  • Being an Authentic Influencer
  • Crafting an Engaging Elevator Speech
  • Handling Sticky Situations: Conflict Management
  • I’m Sorry, What Did You Say? Developing the Art of Active Listening
  • Visiting Your Mission and Values
  • How Does Our Vision Relate to Our Annual Goals?

Philanthropic Workshops

  • Are You Ready for a Major Fundraising Campaign?
  • Create an Easy to Implement Development Program
  • Cultivate a Culture of Philanthropy within your organization
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Diversifying Your Funding Base
  • Harness Corporate Social Responsibility to Fund Your Program
  • Identifying Your Top Donor Profiles
  • Making “the Ask” Seem Effortless
  • Mapping Out Your Courtship, Wedding, and Marriage: Create the right cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship plan