Strategic Planning (2)We will help you develop your action-oriented strategic plan that will bring about the outcomes needed to transform our world.

Strategic planning will help your organization determine well-articulated decisions about your not-for-profit’s purpose and strategy. If done correctly, the strategic planning process will cultivate the buy-in and commitment to those decisions from the very individuals charged with implementation of the strategy. This collaborative process will help to motivate your internal stakeholders to achieve more while building on your key stakeholders’ commitment to your mission’s priorities.

The strategic planning process:

  • Intentionally responds to your current environment in its totality, including your competition and challenges
  • Collects data to make informed decisions
  • Engages appropriate stakeholder groups
  • Guides resource acquisition and allocation

The Eight Steps

Successful strategic planning should always include the following eight steps:

  1. Assess organizational readiness to pursue a strategic planning process
  2. Determine organizational needs and anticipated outcomes from the strategic planning process
  3. Conduct a fact based assessment
  4. Host three Strategic Planning Meetings on
    1. Mission & Values
    2. Vision & Goals
    3. Strategies & Tactics
  5. Summarize Core Future Strategies
  6. Conduct Focus Groups and Meetings to Collect Feedback on Progress
  7. Revise Strategies and Draft Detailed Plan
  8. Create a Dashboard to Monitor Implementation

Why Engage a Consultant?

For the strategic planning process to be successful, you want an “outsider” who is not constrained by your organization’s culture and politics. The consultant will provide an objective perspective and will be candid and critical through each stage of the process. When you engage a consultant for strategic planning, you gain a collaborator who will facilitate the process, obtain and analyze information, and identify the questions your organization must answer to make strategic decisions.

Summary of Our Approach

Our practical and comprehensive approach is a participatory process that is designed to generate innovative and creative insights that will help not-for-profit organizations to advance their mission. This collaborative process will help you develop an action-oriented strategic plan that will contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of your organization.


At the end of the strategic planning process, we will help draft a strategic plan with a timeline for actionable items. We will also provide you with a dashboard to monitor your progress.

Let us guide you and your strategic planning team in creating a plan that all of your constituents will approve.